Tiger Awareness Week a Roaring Success!

Tiger Awareness Week kicked off with a ferocious zeal here at Towson University on November 9, 2015! Our goal was to raise awareness about our mascot, while raising funds for conservation efforts. The National Tigers for Tigers Coalition set their goal for this week at $6,500 in order to secure the first square kilometer of land that will be restored to critical tiger habitat in the Pench-Kanha Corridor in India. So we set our club goal at $1,000, which if reached, would be matched by the National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA). The Pench and Kanha National Parks in central India (see map below) are famous for inspiring Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, and are two of the best places on Earth to see a tiger in the wild. The biodiverse landscape consists of 16,000 km2 of tiger habitat that supports approximately 5% of India’s wild tiger population. However, while each of these parks provide excellent tiger habitat and protection, tigers within the region face a variety of conflicts such as deforestation, poaching, and, human-wildlife conflict with local residents. Creating the Pench-Kahna Corridor will make a vital connection for tigers between these two parks giving them safe passage across central india.

Monday, November 9th

We wanted to start our week by focusing on tiger conservation efforts made by WWF-India on their Pench-Kahna Corridor Project, by setting up a table on Monday with our new presentation poster made by Autumn. We also started fundraising by accepting donations for our "Enter To Win" corn hole boards. These were a beautiful set of Towson themed corn hole boards made by our club. To help students show their stripes, we passed out tiger themed ribbons while teaching students about tigers in the wild and how they can help them.

Wednesday, November 11th

Tiger Awareness Week would not have been complete without a visit from Doc, our tiger mascot! He made his roar heard on Wednesday while being chased through campus by a “poacher” to help us #SaveOurMascot. He made appearances throughout campus, including some classrooms! For this day, we wanted to focus on social media for our campaigning. We had students write why they care about tigers. 

Friday, November 13th

We ended with a strong finish at Bill Bateman’s Bistro where contestants in our wing eating contesting showed they could eat like tigers! Two of our club members, Austin and Autumn, showed their stripes and joined the ranks. All week, we passed out fliers to promote our fundraising event at Bateman’s, who had agreed to give 10% back of every flyer presented. The event was a HUGE success with many tiger family members and friends showing up to support tiger conservation. We continued accepting donations for the corn hole give away, and also conducted a 50/50 raffle. With all of the support we received all week (and all of the hard work and dedication of the Towson T4T!) we were able to reach ABOVE our goal of $1,000!


Special Thanks

We want to give special thanks to those who helped make our goal a reality: