Tiger Awareness Week 2016

This year our goal for Tiger Awareness Week was to raise awareness about wild tigers and to raise money for WWF's Tx2 goal of doubling the wild tiger population by 2022. Tigers are the largest cat species on the planet and are a keystone species for the ecosystems they live in. In 1900 there were 100,000 wild tigers. By 2010 there were only 3,200 tigers left in the wild. This 97% decline was due to extensive habitat destruction and widespread poaching. In 2010 the 13 Asian countries with remaining tiger populations collaborated and decided that intense conservation efforts had to be made to save this iconic species. The goal was to double the population of wild tigers by the next Chinese year of the tiger, 2022. This goal was named Tx2. The Tx2 goal is not just to save tigers, but to be proactive about their future. This is a big goal, but is achievable with the effort from all 13 countries and WWF. WWF plays a major role in the Tx2 goal by: driving political movement to ensure tigers remain top priority for world leaders, training rangers and developing conservation standards and technology to achieve Zero Poaching, tackling illegal wildlife trade through partnership with TRAFFIC, focusing efforts in key tiger landscapes, and ensuring there is space for both tigers and people in the future. So far, the goal has been successful in raising the wild tiger population for the first time in over one hundred years! In April 2016 the wild tiger population was estimated to be 3890 tigers. Other successes include the return of tigers to Northeast China, Nepal becoming the first country to achieve Zero Poaching, the development of Conservation Assured l Tiger Standards, and the accreditation of two conservation sites in Nepal and Russia. 

Monday, November 14

Tiger Awareness Week kicked off on Monday, November 14 in the University Union. We had a table set up outside of the Susquehanna Food Court with the goal of raising awareness about the status of wild tigers. We helped Towson students to show their stripes by handing out tiger-stripe pins. We talked to many students who deeply care about the future of their mascot and gave out pamphlets to students who expressed an interest in making a positive impact on the wild tiger population. 


Wednesday, November 16

Tiger Awareness week continued on Wednesday, November 16 in Freedom Square with Doc, our Tiger mascot! This day's goal was to get Towson students involved. We asked students to share their view of tigers by writing why they care about tigers on a whiteboard and taking a picture with Doc! 


Friday, November 18

Tiger Awareness Week's roaring finale took place at Bill Bateman's Bistro on 7800 York Rd, Towson. Flyers for the fundraiser were given out all week for patrons to give to their server for 15% of their bill to be donated to WWF for the Tx2 goal. The fundraiser was a big success with many students and families there to show their support for tiger conservation! We held Tiger Trivia with facts about tigers, WWF, and Towson Tigers 4 Tigers! We conducted a 50/50 raffle, where half of the money collected was donated to WWF and the other half was given to the winner! We also conducted a raffle for Towson merchandise. Thanks to the support of the Towson community and the efforts of Towson T4T members by the end of the night we had raised $482.95 for WWF! The total amount raised for WWF, including the 15% back from Bateman's, was $ !!