On Friday, the students of West Towson Elementary were beyond excited to be welcomed to school by our very own Doc! The students swarmed Doc, and their own mascot, Westie, for hugs and high fives.

 Doc is swarmed by excited students!

Doc is swarmed by excited students!

During the 3rd grade assembly, we had the honor of watching the students perform their “Big Cat Dance.” Students who donated a dollar to the Big Cat Initiative were allowed to wear a crazy hat all day, and we randomly selected two students from each class to win a National Geographic Big Cats book! In total the school was able to raise $530 which will be donated to the Big Cat Initiative! 

Over 30 3rd graders entered the Big Cat Essay contest, and we really loved reading all of the essays! Everyone who entered got small cat themed gifts. We chose 6 winners based on Most Factual, Most Creative and Best Description of Habitat, and they got a certificate signed by Mrs. Kuebler who helped arrange the whole event, a T4T member, and our very own TU President Schatzel!

Following the assembly, all of the 3rd graders gathered in the lower lobby area to hear our members present on tigers. We talked to them about why tigers are endangered and how they can help. The students were excited to participate and were very knowledgeable about tigers.

To help the students see how a tiger’s stripes are unique to each tiger (just like how our finger prints are unique to us), we showed the students how to give themselves tiger stripes using small pieces of tape and encouraged them to make their stripes unique and get creative. We finished off the event by giving each student tiger and lion masks to color and to finish their transformation into tigers!

We would like to thank Mrs. Kuebler who approached us with this event and made it possible. Thank you so much for reaching out to us and working so hard to make sure it went well! We also want to thank David Clifford, our club Education Coordinator, who put together the presentation material and worked so well with the kids! We want to thank Kim Schatzel for agreeing to sign the certificates and West Towson Elementary for giving us a chance to work with their students!

Go Tigers!

Authors: Katie Iser & Tara Mlodzienski